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Our guard llama - Lucy Our guard llama - Lucy

Full Time Breeder


Pricing: Alpaca Boarding
Accepting new boarders starting in October 2019

1-5 alpacas: $4.50 per day per alpaca
6 and up: $4.25 per day per alpaca
Cria at mom's side - Free until 2 months of age
Birthing Services: $250
Intact males considered on a case by case basis

Call for Details: 720-380-3267

Service Description

I few years ago I decided to leave a long term management career to be a full time alpaca breeder and mom to our son, Jake. I am an animal lover and spend many hours each day with the alpacas. My husband, Ben, and I are happy to provide references if you would like to find out first hand what other alpaca breeders have experienced at our farm. One alpaca breeder commented " You can feel the peacefulness as soon as you step foot on the farm".

Our farm is fenced and cross-fenced and we have multiple barns and loafing sheds for protection. Male and female alpacas are separated by a solid cedar fence and are located in separate barns. Females and males are also separated by nutritional needs and compatibility. Our camelid veterinarian, Dr. Signe Balch, lives close by and is readily available for questions and concerns if the need arises.

All of the alpacas at Linden Hills are treated as if they are our own. We feed high quality orchard grass and alfalfa blends, as well as, Mazuri grain and VitaFerm minerals. All of the alpacas have access to fresh water and large roaming areas for exercise. Boarding includes routine care such as trimming toenails and teeth. We also have a female guard llama to warn of any possible threats. If you are interested in boarding your alpacas, please come for a visit. I would enjoy showing you around and discussing your specific needs. We accept female and male alpacas. We also accept llamas (pricing will vary from the alpacas).

A fun perk of agisting your alpacas at Linden Hills - we love to take pictures of alpacas! You will regularly receive pictures of your animals so you can be confident they are healthy and happy. You are also welcome to participate as much as you like with our farm and your animals.

Multiple references are available upon request